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Discover the best health innovation startups

Connext Health Platform

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Be health. Be global.

Knowledge, connections and curation that generate value.

Connected for a purpose in healthcare 

To recognize the best trends, we offer global connections with reliable data tailored to your needs - we at Connext Health have many connections and values ​​to offer you. Our specialized team is ready to contribute, engaging health knowledge to generate content and new business.

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Selection made by experts of the best startups from all the world hubs ready for “plug in”, trades and M&As.

Content made by experts and trends in Healthtechs, AI, Digital Health, Wellness, Genomics, Access to Health, Population Management, Mental Health and Wearables.



Connection with local and international hubs.

Advisoring to leverage startups globally.

Mentoring for investments and future M&As.

Connext Health Platform

We present our curation, search and exclusive content platform, where you can discover who is transforming the healthcare landscape.

Mapping startups for open innovation

Detailed curation of healthtechs

Analytical intelligence for insights

Easy contact with healthtechs

Advisory marketplace, with scheduling and guidance

Interaction with Innovation Hubs

Market Reports

Crossing with Areas of Knowledge



How to change the way of evaluating and studying the journey of a disease with a technology perspective?

When we look at the journey of a disease, we put the patient at the center, looking at every possible connection point to develop and seek new technologies.


We mapped with our cutting-edge methodology and traced the points where startups and new technologies can help at all stages, from diagnosis to treatment.

Our partners

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Miami, Tampa, San Francisco, Los Angels, San Diego, Houston

Digital hubs with coordinators connected with the best partner health ecosystems remotely.

Our Team.

Our team of advisors has decades of experience in healthcare and innovation around the world, with profiles that connect to a strong relationship with the market and national and international investors.


My name is Cristiano Englert

I am enthusiastic about new technology in health, innovation and healthtechs. I started my entrepreneurial career as co-founder of the accelerator Grow+ and the healthcare vertical HealthPlus. With HealthPlus, we created a syndicate of angel investors and invested in several startups such as Medroom, Zenklub and Webmed, and with two exits Medroom (acquired by Grupo Ânima) and Zenklub. In addition, I have a stake in the WOW accelerator as an investor of Investac I and II, with several startups in the portfolio, such as Cingulo and Aegro. I've also dedicated time and connections to help startups grow and accelerate the healthcare innovation ecosystem. I have been visiting innovative models in the health area and major centers such as the San Francisco accelerator, Rock Health, Stanford Medicine X, Medical Valley, in Germany and Capital Factory, in Austin. I am also a speaker and have been at major health innovation events in the country such as SAHE (South American Health Exhibition SP), HIMSS Brazil, HealthTech Conference Startse, TEDMED, in addition to speaking to large companies such as Unimed, Nestlé, Johnson&Johnson, Bristol, Instituto COI, Takeda, Jansen and Roche. Invited MBA professor at PUCRS of the course "Management of innovation and technology in health"; and "Creating Healthtechs". I improved my knowledge of innovation by being a student of the MIT Innovation Leadership course in 2021. I recently obtained my executive certificate in the October 2022 class of the Venture Capital Executive Program (VCEP) at the renowned Berkeley University, Haas Business School, where I acquired and improved my knowledge and venture capital skills. Currently founder of the Connext-Health platform where we promote worldwide connections, with more than 10 cities on three continents, to generate relevant proprietary content in health and technology, scouting and curating the best startups for large companies. health companies and investment funds. Writer and co-author of the book “The New Medical Mind7: entrepreneurship and digital transformation in health” launched in October 2022 by the publisher Artmed.

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